Blé Sucré, your address for a bag of Madeleines!

Blue Sucre 2If you ever gonna bake a cake for me, don’t worry if I will like it or not. If it’s homemade and sweet, I’ll like it! I love discovering new bakery’s and I have to say.. I’m pretty good at it. If I see something that I don’t know yet or if I see something familiar but it looks better than I ever had, I have to try it.

At the same day I found this amazing bookstore ‘Book-Off’, I also found this little modern bakery named Blé Sucré. The first thing I saw were the colored chairs in front of the bakery. The second thing I noticed was a little bag with 4 Madeleines. They looked so delicious and perfectly baked, I had to buy them. The third and last thing I noticed was an angry-looking woman behind the counter. Not very inviting, but in Paris I’m quite used to that.

I didn’t want to eat the Madeleines in front of a grumpy woman. So I decided to take them along, back to my hotel room. Where I could eat them in peace and with a hot cup of mint tea ;) Did you know you can buy the most amazing mint tea at an ordinary Carrefour supermarket. The house brand is no less than a cup of tea from Palais des Thés.

Going back to the Madeleines, I’ve never had them so good. Not too dry, not too wet. Good taste and didn’t crumbled. Plus a sweet glaze for a fresh taste.The lady of Blé Sucré probably stops all of her love into it. That explains her bad mood. All her love is in the Madeleines so there is nothing left for the rest of the day. Good mood or bad mood, I’ll definitely be back for some more sweetness!

Here’s the address: 
Blé Sucré
Square Trousseau
7, rue Antoine Vollon
Métro: Ledru-Rollin


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