My alternative to a restaurant.

CheeseSometimes I just want to eat diner at my hotel room. Shoes off, watch an amusing French TV show and the meal on my lap. I usually score a kebab/falafel sandwich with fries or I put something creative together. A cheese plate is always good and easy to make! The Carrefour supermarket in Paris have all the ingredients you need. A smart budget tip that guarantees a fun diner. 

During my last trip in Paris we created our own cheese plate. When you’re on vacation: don’t think too hard about the ingredients, just grab what you like. Here are the cheeses and products we bought.

The equipment’s:  
1. Something hard to put everything on (we used the chair of our hotel room, haha)
2. A knife
3. A cheese slicer (not necessary but with some types of cheese very useful)
4. A corkscrew, if you want to drink a glass of wine with it.

The food we used: 
1. A round cheese (the one on the picture is from the Netherlands and is called ‘Boerenkaas’)
2. Cucumber salad
3. Brie (cheese)
4. Garlic butter
5. Dried sausage
6. Camembert (cheese)
7. And very important.. a fresh baguette from a local bakery.

Too many choices? Most supermarkets and cheese stores are selling prepackaged cheese plates. Even easier and the French people can be trust when it comes to food! Prepackaged cheese plates aren’t much more expensive, but create your own is often cheaper.

Good luck and let me know what you like to eat in your hotel room!


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