Is she gonna yell at me again?

XMAS 5NO PHOTO! She screamed at me, like I was taking a picture of Paris Hilton without underwear.

I looked at her, then looked back at the object I was taking a photo of and then I looked back at her again with a face like ”are you kidding me?!” She isn’t my mommy so people, get the handcuffs and put me in jail because this ‘bad girl’ is gonna post a photo I wasn’t allowed to take ;)

Come on, it’s a Christmas ball! It wasn’t even an original one because I saw it 2 times before. At the third time I decided to take a photo of it because I thought ”why not take a photo of it”.

The Christmas markets are a lot of fun but it isn’t stuff for the elite. Only a few stands were original. You can compare it a bit with the souvenir stores but only outside. I bet she had a busy night telling all those million of photographing tourists, not to photograph her (un)original Christmas balls!

2 thoughts on “Is she gonna yell at me again?

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