Le Square du Vert-Galant, Paris.

square du vert GalantBetween the 12 arches of Pont Neuf, hides a small park in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Paris. Most of the tourists don’t care about this place but believe me, if you want to let all the impressions of Paris sink in.. this is the place to be.

My tip is to go sit on a bench at the end of the park, with your nose towards the narrowest part. You’ve an amazing and very romantic view of Paris (great for a proposal) On the left side you’ve got a view of the Latin Quarter and on the right side you can spot the Louvre. You won’t regret that you have listened to me, haha!

People come here to relax and read some books. So, I won’t recommend this park to large and loud speaking groups ;)

The name of the park owes to Henry IV. He was a beloved man among his subjects. He had many famous quotes and one of them was ”every Parisian should eat at least once a week, a chicken from the pan” Eating a delicious chicken once a week,  that sounded good to everyone! Henry IV also had a nickname, which was ”Vert Galant” also translated as ”old rake”. That’s because he didn’t only like the chicken. He also liked a bit of female flesh…if you know what I mean ;)

You should really take a few minutes of your time (or more) to visit this lovely park. Don’t be put off if you suddenly encounter a large group of tourists. They only come for the sightseeing boat and mostly won’t stick around, as you can see on the picture above.  


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