The internet generation strikes again, Free WiFi in Paris

Wifi ParisThe people of my generation get compared to ‘’brainless-internet-zombies”, which is totally understandable. They always have that freaking thing in their hands, ALWAYS! For that matter, I’m definitely an outsider. You want a proof? Well, I can leave my smartphone alone for a day or 2 (without any withdrawal symptoms). When I go to a restaurant, I can have a conversation without constantly looking on my phone. And I’m able to find my home without using my GPS ;) Yes, that’s right. I only use my phone for listening to music, to stalk my boyfriend and of course for blogging!

When I’m on vacation, I also want  to keep my blog up-to-date. Sadly, it isn’t always easy to find a internet connection abroad. Buying an internet subscription is a small effort, but I thought ”is it really necessary in such a big city like Paris?” The answer is no! Because it turns out that Paris has more than 400 WiFi points.

You sure have a few questions about the WiFi connection in Paris, let me answer you three questions already.

Who can use this free network?
Everyone. That means not only the Parisians can use it but also the visitors of Paris. 

Where can you find these Free WiFi points?
Paris has 400 free WiFi points divided over the 20 districts. You can find them in parks, library’s, squares and at a few important sights. That makes it possible to use any social network to show your friends and family how lovely Paris is. Or you could tweet me, always fun!

How does it work?
It works the same as your WiFi connection back home. If you haven’t one, I’ll explain it to you:

1. First you have to find a free WiFi connection, which can be recognized by the logo above.
2.  Go to the WiFi/Internet settings of your device (tablet, laptop, smartphone etc.) Search and select the network ‘’PARIS_WI-FI_’’ followed by an unique number which belongs to the WiFi point you’re standing the closeted to.
3. When you’re connected to the WiFi, you’ve to go to your browser. A form will appear, where you have to fill out three things.
1. First name
2. Last name
3. Email address.
If you agree to the terms and conditions you will be automatically connected to the Internet. Piece of cake, right?!

You can also download an application named ”Paris Free WiFi”. This app gives you a good view of all the free WiFi points in Paris!

For more information about this subject, you go to:  

Good luck, don’t use it too much! Paris is way too pretty to see through the camera of your smartphone or tablet!   


5 thoughts on “The internet generation strikes again, Free WiFi in Paris

  1. Very cool they have so many free wi-fi points. I am in Arkansas, in the US. And there are about four free wi-fi spots within atleast 30-40 miles from where I am at. I guess in bigger cities of course it will spread like wildfire way before it gets to the smaller populated areas.

    • Wow 4 free WiFi spots is so little! But I can understand that because, the US is of course much bigger, so it will cost a lot more money to place that many WiFi spots to connect everyone with the internet ;)

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