Turn up that old vintage radio!

RadioIf you’re looking for something special to bring back home from Paris, why not an old vintage radio? Haha, just a suggestion ;) I thought it was kind of cool, so I had to share this with you.

This little store is located between the 17th and the 18th district of Paris and repairs and sells old radios. If you’re gonna search for it, the neighborhood won’t disappoint you. It’s located at a long street named ‘Rue Legendre’, where you’ll find many more local stores like this one. The name of the store is Mvt-Revox.

The address is:
196, Rue Legendre
75017 Paris 

May I give you another suggestion? Combine Rue Legendre with a visit to Palais des Thés. At this way, you can see the whole street and you end up with a nice cup of tea. They have amazing gift boxes and so many tea flavors! If you want to know more about Palais des Thés and the history of tea in Paris, read my post ‘A cup of tea solves everything’. The street is about 1.5 kilometers long and you can see the route at the map below ;)

Here’s the address of Palais des Thés:
36, Rue de Levis
75017 Paris Radio to Tea

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