Looking for something old?

Marche Dauphine

I have posted this once before (one of my first posts), but I’m a bit tired today. Don’t know what the problem is, probably worked too hard, haha! I hope my boss read this ;) So, my excuses for this little repost but I really wanted to share this market again with you!

I found this ”antique heaven” with my mother when we walked in a way too crowded marketplace with tourist shirts and cheap nail polish. Out of nowhere hid a quiet street full of antiques. It didn’t looked very inviting but when we walked through the gates and left the busy market behind us, the smell of old sofas came to meet us in a pleasant way. The market is since 1885 a very popular place to be. Not only for tourists but also for the Parisians themselves. Not very surprising, as one of the largest flea and antiques market in the world!

The name of the market is ‘le marché Dauphine’ and you can find it at the end of metro line 4 – Port de Clignancourt. Have fun!

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