Villa Léandre, a little heaven in Montmartre.

Paris has so much to offer, every time I’m walking around, Paris surprises me with something I didn’t expect. Like this peaceful square, hidden in the middle of touristic Montmartre. It caught my attention because I saw a little black cat laying on the ground and of course I wanted to pet him. So. I walked further and then I saw this beautiful place. It was so quiet, gorgeous and different from the other houses in Paris. These houses had an own garden, different structures and colors, vintage street lighting and it reminded me a bit of a small village in England. For me it would be a perfect place to live in Paris but, it must cost a fortune…lets do some research!

Just what I thought, you have to pay some big money if you want to rent a house with a garden in Paris. It looks like Villa Léandre is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Paris. Renting a house here will cost you around €10.200 a month!! For that money you can buy a lot of macaroons from Ladurée ;)

The street was built on the site of a former mill in Montmartre in 1926 and is named after a local comedian, Charles Léandre. Villa Léandre is an English-inspired street, ha.. not so strange that it reminded me of an English village.

What do you think of this lovely place, is it worth the €10.200 a month?
Tip: check it out on Google street view.

Villa LeandreVilla Leandre 1Villa Leandre 2


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