What’s so special about Disneyland Paris?

SpacemountainDon’t we all love the mascots who are reminding us of our childhood?! Well, my childhood isn’t that long ago, I can remember exactly how much I liked Disney films (still do) and felt sorry for the life of Donald Duck. Come on, that was kind of a sad and hopeless story…

Disney is magical and it always will be. But, Disneyland Paris is another story for me. I rather spend my day, sitting on one bench in Paris, than going to this big ‘’day care center’’

I’ve done an internship at a travel agency and had a young couple at my desk. They wanted to go to Disneyland Paris for like 4 days. Of course the Parisian inside me came up and I enthusiastically suggested them to go 2 or 3 days to Paris. Unfortunately, that idea wasn’t really appreciated, because they looked very strange and shocked at me. The answer on my suggestion was ‘’NO, we’re coming only for Disneyland, as always!’’.  ‘’As always?’’ Now I was shocked! 4 DAYS TO DISNEYLAND PARIS WITHOUT ANY KIDS? What’s wrong with you guys? *Taking a deep breath*

One of the most photogenic, romantic and interesting cities of the world is so close to you and you won’t visit it? I know people can have their own opinion, but what’s so special about Disneyland Paris? I’ve visited the theme park twice. The first time was actually a lot of fun. It was during my childhood (still excited to see some mascots but getting a bit too old for a few attractions) It was the final destination of our amazing cycling vacation from the Netherlands to Paris! Check out the picture above. The second time was with my school and less more fun. I had already seen it once, and my interests were a few kilometers further on. But, it was part of the program so I had to go with them.

Another question I have about this park is, why are there so many babies? I can understand that children are excited to go to Disneyland Paris (I was too) and meet all the princesses, eat glazed apples and watch the big show at the end… but a baby?! Why do parents struggle themselves so much when they also can enjoy a relax day in Paris? Take a walk in one of the green parks, drink something on a terrace and have a conversation without getting interrupted by other screaming kids.

Well, this post hasn’t got a real conclusion, I’m only wondering… what’s so special about Disneyland Paris that you can spend there 4 days instead of visiting a beautiful city like Paris?! And I’m not talking about one day because that’s normal for a theme park. No, I’m talking about 4 or more and, without doing it for the kids!

So dear bloggers, I’m curious… who loves Disneyland Paris and who don’t? If you do like to visit Disneyland Paris for more days, share it with me because maybe I haven’t looked at it that way!

For the parents: Disneyland Paris isn’t the only fun thing for kids. There are many more fun activities (like a zoo, a 3D cinema and a big science center) which aren’t only fun for the children. Keep hanging around because I will share them to you later ;)


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