The struggle between Color and Black and White.

black and colorSometimes I like to Photoshop my pictures to Black and White, it can give your photo just that little extra. Like this photo I took in the streets of Paris. 

The ”Black and White” option is great but most of the time, it won’t fit for Paris. You know why? Because the colors of Paris can’t be compered to any other city in the world. The statues, the buildings, the rooftops, even the tiniest detail in Paris looks amazing because of the Roman colors of this city. For example: take a look at the picture above. Don’t you think the left statue shows the real beauty of Paris?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Black and White photo’s (also in Paris) only sometimes I’ve got the feeling that people use this Black and White option a bit to much. They use it to create easily a ”pretty” shot of something. That’s just a shame, really. I hate it when I see a cool shot of Paris and think ”wish it was in color” Take your time for photographing and take your time to think about the finishing touch ;)

These two bloggers have done an amazing job and enjoy me every day with new fantastic photo’s. They sure think about their way of editing what gives us great results. My favorite (Black and White) photos of Paris are:

1. Man in a Phone Booth by Barefoot in Paris
Entertaining blog with really nice shots of Paris, I can stare at them for for hours. Most of the photo’s are in color but he knows exactly when it’s time for that dramatic touch.

2. Quai de Conti by Jack Brewis
His blog is full with interesting black and white photo’s. Love the way he’s showing us the streets of Paris (and other city’s) in such a pleasant way.

The conclusion is that I like photo’s of Paris the most when they are in color. But, I have to say that I have a weak for black and white photo’s when it’s raining a bit and when the streets are wet. What is your favorite of these two and why? Love to hear your opinion. 

9 thoughts on “The struggle between Color and Black and White.

  1. I’m always struggling should I post pics in black and white or in color myself, and let’s just put it out there that I don’t get people who originally take pics in b&w. I mean why would you that? You can change it to b&w later in photoshop or whatever program you’re using. When it’s about Paris you’re right, there are no colors like in Paris :) Sometimes I feel like posting all pics both in color and black and white. Anyway I’m sucker for colors so when it comes to b&w I mostly like it as you said for streets, and people :)

    • Haha I like your comment. It made me laugh because you’re so right! It’s really annoying when people do that (my boyfriend did that once an he ruined some pretty pictures of Montmartre) But hey, he’s cute so I have forgiven him ;)

  2. This is funny because the guardian just published an article (can’t do links on my phone sorry!) on people “colourists” colouring b&w photos such as the famous sailor with lady in New York after the war and if it changes the context of them.

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