The fountains that prevent the Parisians from drinking too much wine.

Wallace fontaines Maybe you recognize these beautiful fountains from the streets of Paris? These green fountains, also known as the Wallace Fountains, celebrate this year their 135th birthday! The idea of the fountains came from Richard Wallace during the French-German war from 1870 till 1871. After the war, clean drinking water was rare in Paris and also very expensive. Richard Wallace was a rich man, an art lover an a philanthropist (which means that you have a big heart for people and give big money to the charities) To prevent diseases, he donated 50 of these fountains to Paris! Richard was an art lover and he designed the fountains together with the French sculptor Auguste Charles Le Bourg. The need for clean drinking water was really necessary and Paris doubled the number of fountains to 100!

Another reason of the fountains was that wine was cheaper than clean water. Yeah, I know.. sounds perfect right? But, it was a serious problem which cause many Parisian alcoholics. Thanks to Wallace, the Parisians were able to drink water instead of wine during breakfast.

The fountains of Wallace are still working but only from 15th March till 15th November, to prevent the water from freezing in the winter. There are 4 models, I think the one on the picture is the prettiest! 

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