Parisians and speaking English…

merdeNever expect a Parisian to speak English. It’s considered as very rude because you’re in their country. Just start with a simple French sentence to ask if they speak English, ”Bonjour monsieur, parlez vous anglais?” If they don’t speak English, don’t get mad. Many French people are only listening to French music and almost every movie in France is without subtitles. That means that even the films with Brad Pitt, are spoken in French ;) They are less in touch with the English language than a country like the Netherlands.

You can also notice in the French history that they saw the English language as a threat for their own culture. They’ve banned (not officially of course) the English language for a long time, just to prevent that the English words replace the French words. Nowadays it’s a whole different story because, Parisian students also learn English at school and with the upcoming internet industry, also the Parisians are forced to speak a bit more English.. 

We all prefer to speak our mother language but, did you know that French is the most sexy language in the world? did some research and asked 8000 international respondents for their opinions. A French accent is also acceptable. Maybe we have to forget about the French people who have to learn English. We have to learn French, so we all sound sexy! Come on, who’s in? We all know that, everything sounds better in French!  


4 thoughts on “Parisians and speaking English…

  1. Do it while you are young. It is easier. I always encouraged my children to learn a second language. They speak Spanish, Sign Language for the deaf and one speaks Chinese.
    “French is the language that turns dirt into romance.” – Stephen King

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