A macaroon from Ladurée takes all your troubles away.

Macaroons by World of ParisThey say that Obama flew to Paris for a box of macaroons from Ladurée. Hmm.. that must be a freaking delicious cookie, I guess? And mister president is right, if I had a privet jet I would also fly to Ladurée to buy a box of his delicious macaroons ;)  Ladurée is without any doubt the number one macaroon-store in the world. In the whole world? Yes,  Ladurée has more than 40 other stores dived all over the world. But the first Ladurée store is located near Place Vendôme, which is of course… in Paris.

It all began in 1862 when monsieur Louis Ernest Ladurée started a bakery in Paris. Unfortunately, a fire in the bakery caused some problems but also had a positive turn. Because the fire monsieur Ladurée had the possibility to change his bakery into a pastry shop. With success. Over the years, Ladurée has become a big company with unique pastry’s. It looks like Obama isn’t the only one who likes the macaroons from Ladurée beacuse, Ladurée has 191.341 ‘likes’ on Facebook. We all know that, that says a lot these days!

Ladurée is a must-seen for everyone who visits Paris for the first time or hasn’t been there yet. And if you can’t visit a Ladurée store because it’s too far away, just go to their website. You can read about their history, the history of the macaroon, news, see a movie or buy some macaroons or other gift items. The website has a lot of interesting information and cute illustrations, which are typically Ladurée. And the macaroons are, as always, good looking and full with perfect ingredients. They are almost too perfect to eat. Almost ;)

Hey, monsieur Ladurée! What do you think of my macaroons?!


7 thoughts on “A macaroon from Ladurée takes all your troubles away.

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