A new way of discovering Paris.

Montmartre is one of my favorite districts in Paris. There are so many unique stores, it’s hard to control myself from not spending all my money :’) Also this time I had no control of my right hand and before I knew it.. I bought the best book of my life! The reason that I share this book with you is because, it’s absolutely a must have for every Paris lover. I found it in a typical bookstore somewhere in Montmartre. Also the typical bookstores are focusing a bit more on tourists. I think that’s the reason I found this book on a table outside the store between some city guides..

It’s a pop-up book with pretty illustrations of Paris, double layers and fun facts about the districts and highlights. They mentioned the name of each building on the map. You can look at it as an oversized city map! Only this pop-up book, makes reading facts interesting. They thought so well about all details. For example: bridges, metro stations, tourist buses, happy couples, artist.. you name it! They even thought about the ‘white vans’ on the Champs Élysées who always ruin my pictures of the Arc d’Triomphe!!

Deep bow to the creators of this amazing work: Arnaud Roi and Sylvie Bessard *clap clap clap*.
Here’s a little sneak peak of the book! 

Paris BookParis Book 6Paris Book 2Paris Book 4Paris Book 7


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