Hiking shoes vs. Pretty shoes

Trash your shoesToday I faced my fear for clumsy hiking shoes, I’m still shaking a bit but I think it’s really worth the money. Let me tell you why..

Paris is described as one of the greatest fashion city’s in the world. It’s a fact that many young girls (like me) still prefer a pair of sneakers instead a pair of ugly hiking shoes. Yes, you look much better but is it really worth all the pain?  I’m just as crazy about pretty shoes as any other girl but, I won’t let them ruin my vacation. When you really want to discover Paris, it won’t get along with a pair of stiletto heels. I’m sorry fashionista’s, it really won’t.

Last year in October, I walked too much.. is that possible? Yes! My feet were broken (sort of) I could beg and massage what I wanted but they had no mercy for me :( I had to buy a new pair of shoes which were a bit more comfortable. I dumped my old shoes at the trash with a love lock attached to it (see picture) I think, I’ve learned my lesson..

My days in Paris are always fun, exciting but most of all exhausting. I wake up around eight in the morning, eat my breakfast outdoors and travel all day long. I walk as much as possible and try to avoid the metro’s where I can. Walking around is much more interesting than using the metro all the time. I always discover more and more new things. Only when the night falls and my feet won’t move anymore, I know it’s time to go back to my hotel. 

So, this time I put my pride to the side and walk on my hiking shoes like a diva. Maybe I’m gonna reward myself with a pair of pretty shoes.. haha, I’m still a lady! 


5 thoughts on “Hiking shoes vs. Pretty shoes

  1. I am no longer young and therefore not so inclined to be concerned about how fashionable my shoes are when I’m in Paris. I too have found that I walk and walk and walk telling myself “it’s just right over there” because I can see my destination “just over there”. Distances are deceiving, especially when you’re in love (with Paris :-). I know how to use the bus system, but even so I frequently end up walking more than my feet can tolerate even with “sensible” shoes. p.s. I didn’t know that “love locks” extended to shoes…

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