Mmmm, La Parisienne.

La ParisienneAs you may have noticed, I’m a girl. And as you all know, girls love good chocolate, pastry and whipped cream.. in other words ”everything sweet”. My boyfriend tries regularly to get me on the healthy path but, I guess I’m not ready for that, yet. The weak woman inside me, can’t help it to fall in love with all those wonderful bakeries with showcases full of colorful pastry’s.  I bet I’m not the only one, right lady’s?

I was wondering, why girls love sweets so much? Whatever it must be, Paris takes advantages of it in a really pleasant way :)

Because, I’m so obsessed with all those ‘eye catching’ creations, I have considered to follow some bakery classes. *FLASH*, there was my imagination again. I thought about having my own bakery store somewhere in Paris. I would love to have true customers, some lost tourists and sometimes a street cat who is looking for some leftovers. But at the same time, I know that if I had my own bakery, I would turn into a big fat cupcake and nothing would be left for the customers, only a few crumbs for the cat.

Never say never but I think a bakery is not gonna happen. I want to show you a bakery, La Parisienne. It’s a perfect example of what my bakery could look like. It’s a bakery (boulanger/patissier) which responds to the needs of a woman and a man! From delicious sweets to crunchy bread. La Parisienne has a modern look but, the quality is good old-fashioned. 

You can find La Parisienne at the following address: 
12 rue Coustou
75018, Paris
Montmartre, 18th district
Metro: Blanche, Abbesses or Pigalle.


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