Someday I’m gonna own that penthouse!

Penthouse PassyWow, that someone really lives there (I guess, maybe it’s a hotel or something?) But, just the thought that someone owns that building makes me a bit jealous. I have to find the owners so I can kick them out and make it my own place *evil laugh*. Alright Daniëlle, WAKE UP! That’s not gonna happen in a long, long, long time.. but hey, keep your dreams alive! So, I daydreamed a bit of what I would do if this was my own penthouse.. easy to answer! I would wave all day to the tourists on the Eiffel Tower. No lie and believe me, I waved a lot at my own mirror so, I won’t disappoint them with an inexperienced wave :)  And after a fun day of waving and smiling, all my followers would be welcome for dinner during the sunset! Of course with champagne that tastes much better than the one on the 3rd floor of the Eiffel Tower, haha!

Use a bit of imagination, what would you do if this was your penthouse?! 


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