Summer is over, time to breath.

Time to breath Summer is over and that means it’s time to relax and enjoy Paris without all the tourists. The summer is my favorite season to visit Paris. Warm weather, many activities, Paris Plage, cute summer outfits and a lot more expensive cars. But autumn is also great! Most of the tourists are gone and the Parisians are back to work. In the summer you have to fight for a chair around Jardin du Luxembourg and wrestle yourself trough the crowds in Montmartre. But, autumn in Paris is different.. everything is nice and quiet. I love it! Finally I can enjoy the birds, who are fattened during the summer, chilling at their own parks. Looking at all the great artists at Place du Tertre and drink a cup of tea in an almost empty cafe. A downside of autumn is that the strawberry season is over. Last year we paid €14,- euros for 2 boxes of strawberry’s, ouch!

Every season in Paris is special, what is your favorite season of the year? 


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