Oldest café in Paris, Café le Procope.

Cafe le ProcopeLooking for some history at Paris? Than you should definitely check out Café le Procope. It’s the oldest cafe in Paris. Unfortunately not the cheapest. In 1686 Francesco Procopio dei Coltell (what a mouthful) opened here a coffee house.  Franceco was one of first ice cream sellers in Paris, even before Bertillon! It was a novelty that did well at the court of Versailles. The royal families were real trendsetters in that time. First the tea, now the ice cream. Not very surprising.. they had more than enough money for delicacy.

The cafe got more popular cause the opening of Académie Française. Académie Française is an official institution in the French language. Along with four other academies they form the Institut de France. Café le Procope became a popular theater bar. The restaurant proudly hang some pictures of celebrities who had visited the restaurant in their window. Celebrities like Napoleon, Robespierre, Balzac, Dalton and Victor Hugo. The best stories are being told about this cafe. I don’t know if it’s true but, there seems to hang a hat of Napoleon (one of the many). He has ever left it behind as a deposit.

The place where the cafe is located is called ”Cour de Commerce St. André” (see photo).  At number 12 is the guillotine invented.

You can find the entrance to this legendary place at Boulevard St. Germain, across the statue of Danton and metro Odeon.

A historic place in Paris. What for kind of interesting conversations took place here? What do you think?

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