Tips for booking a Parisian hotel!

5 Tips for booking a hotel in ParisBooking a hotel in Paris is a lot different than booking a hotel anywhere else. That maybe sounds a bit weird because ‘booking a hotel isn’t that hard’. True story, but Paris is different and I bet that the things you are used to, aren’t always obvious here. I’ve got 5 things for you to keep in mind when you’re searching for a hotel in Paris. 

1. Breakfast – In French also known as ‘petit déjeuner’. If you booked a budget hotel with breakfast, don’t expect too much.. A traditional breakfast in French isn’t a table full of baked eggs, bacon or many different spreads. What you can expect is a croissant, including a baguette with jam and a cup of coffee. If you booked a continental breakfast, than you can expect much more like, different breads, cheese, ham, yogurt, juices, cake, sometimes pancakes and if you’re lucky some eggs!

2. WiFi connection –  Many hotels in Paris don’t offer a free WiFi connection. If you’ve found a hotel with WiFi connection, you have to find out if it’s also available in your hotel room. Some hotels only offering a WiFi connection on one computer. The computer in the lobby and if you’re unlucky.. you can only use that computer after breakfast. For me is WiFi an important thing because, I have to keep my blog up-to-date, check my emails etc. If you don’t care that much about a WiFi connection, than you have no problem in Paris ;)

3. Shared bathroom – It’s very normal in Parisian hotels to share your bathroom (which I’m differently not a fan of). Be prepared and pay attention during the booking of your hotel. Some hotel rooms are low in price but, this may be so because you have a shared bathroom.

4. Hostels and budget hotels – As I told you earlier I’m a fan of budget hotels, just because of the simple reason ‘I only need a bed’. Unfortunately, budget hotels also attract groups. These are often groups of schools. Believe me they are having fun until midnight. This also applies to hostels.

5. Location – The price affects the booking of your hotel. And the location determined the price. For example: Montmartre is much more cheaper than the fist district of Paris, Louvre. Take a good decision, what is important for you and where do you feel safe? If you go with only women, it might be wiser to choose a central location. At night, the hotels are better guarded and the streets are a bit saver (never a guarantee). If your staying just outside the Périphérique of Paris, make sure you go back to your hotel on time. I can’t recommend it to walk there around at midnight.. especially if your not familiar with the area.

If you have any questions about booking a hotel in Paris or need some advice, feel free to ask me anything! I’m here to help you as good as possible! Here’s a link to my contact page or leave a comment below.


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