Paris by Heart, rent and rental in Paris.

Photo is from the website ©A few weeks ago I met a nice guy, Adam. He’s an American and a partner in a family business named Paris by Heart. He was excited about my blog and wondered if I lived in Paris. The reason he asked was because he was searching for some new apartments for rental in Paris. Unfortunately, at this moment, I couldn’t help him out. But hey, I’m a blogger and always in for something new to share! Maybe it’s something for one of you.

Sort time rental in Paris: 
The fist time Adam contacted me, I didn’t know anything about Paris by Heart. I only thought it was really fun, that an American with a French business was interested in a Dutch blogger, haha the internet makes to world so little :) As soon as I got to know the business a bit more, the roles were reversed. Now I was really excited about his website! Paris by Heart is a great website to score your ‘perfect place to stay’ in Paris. They have some really pretty apartments and studios at unique locations. The most fun thing of it, is that you’re actually staying in an apartment of a Parisian. Of course I checked out their website for my own interest and I was really surprised by the magical apartments they had. No serious, I found a apartment with a big kitchen, do you realize how rare that is in Paris?! I can only think of one conclusion, they are doing a good job over there! Click here to check out my favorite apartment from Paris by Heart. 

Do you have (or known someone with) a apartment for rental in Paris?
Well, bonus for you! Adam told me that they are always looking for new apartments in Paris. If you don’t want to rent your own apartment but you know someone who does, than I also have some good news for you..they’re paying ”finders fees”. That’s easy money!

Extra message to all my dear American followers: this website is for you guys in particular very useful, for example if you’re planning a trip to Paris :)

For more information you can check out their website If want to know more about the rental of your own apartment, or if you know someone, you can also contact On the photo you see an example of an apartment that you can rent, I got the photo from their website.

Last thing, be careful if you check out their site, it’s possible that you become a bit greedy ;) Good luck everyone! 

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