10 facts about the metro in Paris.

IMG_3659Traveling by subway is more than normal to us all. It’s a fun place to watch people, read the newspaper or listen to some street musicians. While you’re using the metro, did you know the following facts about the metro in Paris?

1. The first metro line was opened in 1900 just after the Paris World Exposition.
2.  Paris has the sixth most used Metro in the world. The Paris metro transports more than 1.5 billion people each year!
3. The Paris metro runs more than 600,000 miles per day. That’s circa 10 times around the earth.
4. One metro ticket can be used in all metro lines. As long as you stay underground you can travel all day long in the Parisian metro. Fun for a day, you will discover a lot of things!
5. Big dogs aren’t allowed in the subway, only small dogs are tolerated.
6. The Paris metro is after London, Glasgow and Budapest the forth oldest metro in Europe.
7. There is only one metro station named after a woman, named Louise Michel, who was a socialist.
8. Each metro stop in Paris has a theme. Mostly these are some historical figures. If you pay attention and Google all those metro stations, you will learn a lot about the Parisian history.
9. There is one metro station that looks like a submarine! 
10. Metro station ”Abbesses” lies 40 meters underground and is the deepest metro station in Paris. And Louis Vuitton has a messenger style bag in the Monogram Canvas line named after this station.

7 thoughts on “10 facts about the metro in Paris.

  1. Nice post, however Paris Metro is actually the forth oldest metro system in Europe after London, Glasgow and Budapest and it’s the seventh oldest metro system in the world after London, New York, Glasgow, Budapest, Boston and Chicago!

    • Pff, the internet can be so unclear. I also read that Istabul was the second oldest haha, but after some extra research.. I think your right ;’) I will change it immediately, thank you for commenting! Always good to learn new things – Danielle

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