Your Paris place to be, Canal St.Martin.

Canal St.MartinCanal St.Martin is without any doubt the best canal in the summer. When the weather is nice and warm, everyone in Paris is looking for a fun place to hang out. Which isn’t really a difficult choice in Paris, right? We all know that Paris Plage is much fun, but since at few years also Canal St.Martin is a popular place to be. Parisians, tourist, young and old..all gathered along the banks of the canal.

Canal Saint-Martin flows through four different arrondissements of Paris (which is nothing compared to the seine) and is about 4.5 kilometers long. It connects the Canal de l’Ourcq to the Seine and runs underground between the metro stations Bastille and République. A fun fact I read on a Dutch website about Paris (named ‘Parijs mijn Stad’) is that the costs of the canal were paid by an additional tax on the wine. Ha, that must have been quite frustrating for our Parisian wine lovers.. 

Have you never been there but do you recognize it from something? Well, that’s possible because Canal St.Martin is known by the famous song of Edith Piaf ”Les mômes de la cloche” and the world famous movies: Amélie and Hôtel du Nord.

When you’re walking along the canal there are many exciting things to see: original shops, trendy restaurants and lots of people! Do you want to check it out? No problem, the canal can be accessed from many metro stations in Paris: Stalingrad, Richard-Lenoir, Oberkampf, République, Jaurés, Goncourt and, last but not least, metro station Bastille. 

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