Pont Neuf, especially for the ‘Love Birds’

Pont Neuf sounds familiar to every romanticist. From all the bridges in Paris, this the most romantic one. It’s a tradition (especially among the tourists) to give your lover a big kiss on the bridge.

Pont Neuf
Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris, and was built between 1578 and 1604. With a length of 238 meters and 12 arches, it’s the third largest bridge of Paris. But what’s so special about it? It was Henry III who started in 1578 the construction of Pont Neuf. At the end of 1604 it was finished and Henry IV opened the bridge. It was the first inhabited bridge in Paris. I can hear you thinking, an inhabited is quite normal right? No, it used to be different when houses were built on bridges. The ultimate goal of Pont Neuf was to create a place where people could gallivant. It was a great success, Pont Neuf became a place for music, performances, duels, and of course to drive a trade.

Nowadays, the bridge is still a popular place in Paris. The bridge is especially popular because of its history, the incredible view and the romantic street lighting at night. Many couples come together to get a bit cozy. But.. mom and dad, please don’t get to cozy when I’m around, I’m still your daughter, ha! :D

Note: Halfway across the bridge you find a statue of Henry IV.

Henry IV


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