The homeless and the crooks, Part 1

TrampI have to admit it.. I have a soft spot for homeless people with animals. When I look into those innocent eyes, I have to throw something in that hat. It works for me. I feel sorry for them. I ask myself the question where it went wrong. Everyone has the right to a decent live. I feel sorry for them but  I must also confess that besides feeling sorry for them, I don’t have any more feelings for them. They are with too many, you almost become, just like most Parisians, immune to it.

On the other hand, I find street-vendors and crooks extremely entertaining! Crazy tricks and stuff.  How do they do that? All those stupid tourists who fell into their traps, again and again. Oh wait, did I already guessed the answer of that question…‘’stupid tourists’’?

Below are the three most common tricks. Read it carefully. This prevents uncomfortable situations during your visit at Paris. If you know the tricks, you will notice that wanderers are no longer an obstacle for you.

  1. The petition.
    Be alert for (deaf) beggars who want you to sign a petition. In most cases, the company doesn’t even exist. Watch out! They want to rob you. They try to distract you and another person can easily steal your wallet, mobile or other expensive stuff. Just ignore them!
  2. The shell game.
    The game is very simple and looks like ”the spectators” win a lot of money. But remember, they are never alone! It’s a big scam gang. You think you know under which cup the ball is, but they make sure that you don’t remember that after 3 to 4 rounds. And then it’s too late, you lost all your money.  It’s a waste of money and of your precious time in Paris.
  3. The golden ring.
    First they try to attract your attention. Once that’s accomplished the acting begins. The wanderer takes a ring from the ground and act like you just drop it. When you explain to here that the ring doesn’t belong to you, she will try to put the ring on her own fingers. Miraculously, the ring is too big and you can keep it. NEVER take this ring, it’s a trap! When you take the ring, she wants to receive a compensation. A compensation for a ‘’so-called’’ golden mark inside the ring. The asking for money continues very long. It takes so long that people get their money out of desperation or because there are suddenly three wanderers instead of one! Be careful and ignore them immediately.

There are many more tricks, which I teach you next time!

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