Promenade Plantée and Viaduc des Arts.

Viaduct des ArtsDiscover the 12th district of Paris with ‘’Promenade Plantée and Viaduc des Arts’’. Promenade Plantée is a park of 4.5 kilometers long and is partially designed on the viaduct what’s underneath. It used to be a railway to Strasbourg, at the time of Napoleon. The park runs from Opera Bastille to the eastern border of the city.

The idea of walking across an old railway is great but I must say, in October it was a bit disappointing. You will pass unique apartments with large balconies (no lie!) and it really feels like you’re walking trough a park. But if you look down, there are also a lot of places where homeless people come together that ruined the atmosphere a bit. Maybe it was because of the month October or because this isn’t the tourist Paris that we used to know. Halfway through, I lost my interest and we went down a staircase.

Below Promenade Plantée, you can find Viaduc des Arts. 72 arches filled with unique shops. Of the 72 arches are about 50 shops made​​. The shops are built after the demolition of the railway, when hookers and drug dealers filled the arches of the viaduct with shady business. The solution was a promenade for pedestrians. To attract more people to the promenade they made the Viaduct into an artistic gallery. There are stores where you can join workshops, buy many creative artworks or score some design umbrellas!

When you want to visit Promenade Plantée or Viaduct des Arts:
Metro station: Bastille (exit Lyon)
Avenue Daumesmil
12th district of Paris

For more info you can check out their website

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