Metro station, Arts et Métiers

Arts et Metiers 3This isn’t just a normal station to wait for you metro. Have you been here before but nothing noticed yet? Then you were probably on the wrong side of the tunnel. The side at line 11 looks namely just like a submarine! The submarine is similar to that of Captain Nemo from the famous book ”Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. I’ve never read his book but I put it on my list! That will make this metro station even more interesting next time…

The heavy copper plating is applied with large rivets, against the curved walls. Everything is of copper, even the bins! The metro station was opened in October, 1994 and was designed by the Belgian cartoonist Francois Schuiten.

If you’re in the area, you should definitely spend some time at this metro station. Just take your time and look at the funny details, not all the pretty things are above the ground. Always explore, dream and discover!


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