How to fit in with the Parisians.

Cest moiThey say that Parisians are unkind people, but that’s not true. They are only a bit more closed about their personal lives and proud of their own language. That’s also the reason they speak less English than average European country. I can’t blame them, don’t you think French is the most beautiful language in the world? Come on, everything sounds better in French, even the bad words!

Although they aren’t unkind people, they do have a different way of life. So, if you want to fit in with the Parisians and don’t want to be seen as a tourist… Make sure you read the next tips!

1. If you’re moving to Paris or if you stay there for a long time, it’s wise to join something. For example, join a sport club like tennis or dancing class. You can also choose for a more creative or politic club. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s important you have some local contact.
2. When you’ve made a couple of friends, it’s important to take care of them. Serve them ”an apéritif” and some snacks. It doesn’t have to be much, but make sure they have enough. You don’t want to look stingy..
3. Have a good conversation. Not about subjects as money, a bad example is ”I love your coat, how much did you paid for it?” It’s much better to talk about food, the city, politics or what’s happening in the world. Be prepared for an argument, especially if you talk about politics.
4. Learn how to drive or take a bicycle! Nowadays, they are cycling at Paris. Of course you don’t take a tourist bicycle, otherwise they see immediately that you’re a tourist. Take a normal bike and as long as you’re ringing your bell as loud as they hunk in their cars, there won’t be a problem.
5. Take your dinner to go. A Parisian is always in a hurry. Especially the younger generation!
6. Always be nice and polite. I know that most of the people in the world speak pretty good English. But when they don’t, we have to respect their own language. Be smart and learn some French words and sentences. When they see that you’re doing your best, they always try to understand it and help you out.
7. Don’t complain about their smoking. I don’t know why they are smoking so much, but I guess it belongs to their daily live. Also at places where smoking isn’t allowed..
8. If you want to taste the French kitchen, you really need to go shopping at some local markets. Fresh food every day and a lot of different choices. Delicious French cheese and some excellent meat. I will soon make a list of the best and most popular markets at Paris.
9. Wear a scarf! It’s an accessory and you can wear it any time in the year. A scarf belongs to Paris. Even though it is 30 degrees, no one will look weird!
10. Don’t wear any kind of tourist’s clothes. No running shoes under your denim skirt and no raincoat on your sandals. Please, believe me, it’s wrong in so many ways! Not only in Paris ;) Parisian people wear basic clothes with solid colors. Chic trench coats, neutral accessories (not to outstanding), a small bag and elegant shoes. Shoes with heels are always good, but aren’t always practical.

To get started, 10 tips are enough. Your vacation as ”non-tourist” can’t go wrong! Oh, I almost forgot one last important thing… if you want to start the day like Parisians, take a seat on a terrace, order in French a ‘’café au lait’’, and if your hungry also ‘’un petit déjeuner’’, read the newspaper and enjoy your Parisian day! Good luck everyone.



8 thoughts on “How to fit in with the Parisians.

  1. Great stuff, thank you. I’m looking forward to being a non-tourist, a cafe dweller ) and a flâneur with my camera in hand. I hope to get some positive reactions from the people I speak to. I hope to find the people of Paris,

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