The most popular cat of Paris, Le Chat Noir.

Le Chat NoirAnyone who has been to Paris knows the Chat Noir. You see that little bastard everywhere. I mean, look at his grin, what’s he up to? I can look at him for hours. I guess experts have a different opinion, but i think his grin is more mysterious than the smile of the Mona Lisa.

But what is the Chat Noir, what has it been in the past and what is it today?

Le Chat Noir was founded in 1881 by Rodolphe Salis, he was leader of a small theater. The theater was first located at Boulevard de Rochechouart. While decorating the theater, Salis found a black cat, he raised him and named his theater, Le Chat Noir. Le Chat Noir became a popular meeting place for artists and comedians. Well-known names like: Émile Zola, Georges Rodenbach, and Leon Bloy were his guests.

A popular theater also needs a popular poster. Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen was the perfect man to do that! Besides the poster of the Chat Noir, he made many more artworks of cats, they were part of his daily life. Thank you, Monsieur Steinlen, for creating this awesome poster of the Chat Noir. You can buy the poster of the Chat Noir at almost every souvenir shop in Paris.

Today is Le Chat Noir a popular restaurant with friendly staff and delicious food. They organize shows so you can experience a bit of how it was before. The staff speaks pretty good English and also the menu is available in English, so ordering shouldn’t be a problem (if you speak English of course)

You can find this historic location at:
68 Boulevard de Clichy
75018 Paris, 18ème Montmartre, Pigalle
Click here if you want to know the difference between Montmartre and Place Pigalle! 

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