Cycling in Paris, yes you can!

Cycling around in Paris

Cycling around in Paris

It used to be unthinkable, now it’s even popular. Cycling in Paris.

It’s especially popular among the tourists. Tourists who aren’t  afraid to step on a bike and ring their bells like a Christmas song. The Parisians still have to get used to it. In former times, a bike had no status in Paris.The preference was for their own car or just public transport. Thankfully, times are changing.

I remember my own cycling vacation in the year 2004. From the Netherlands to Paris, with the ultimate goal… Disneyland Paris! After a final trip of 100 miles, we cycled there with our bikes around the Arc d’Triomphe and along the Champs Elysées. The police man had a heart attack when he saw us cycling. My father first, my brother and me in the middle and my mother behind. The policeman arranged especially for us the traffic with his whistle. He wanted us to reach our destination safely. For the police it was a scary moment, for us it was incredibly awesome! We didn’t realize that what we did was so unique in Paris. Such a big city, so little bicycles.

A few years ago, the traffic of Paris didn’t want anything to do with cyclists. They prefer  to chase them off the road! Today there are more than one hundred kilometers of cycling paths through the city. Finally, they are cycling at Paris! You can buy cycling maps at tourist offices or go prepared on vacation and order already a map online. You can rent bicycles everywhere and there are a lot of cool businesses.

Oh and don’t forget: no shame, no mercy just go on that bike and ring your bell like they hunk in their cars! 

Good luck and have fun! 



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