Good things happen to those who waits.

The waiting manIt’s a well-known image in the streets of Paris, ‘’the waiting man’’. Most men look a bit bored others enjoy their freedom. It seems that a man waits an average of 26 hours per year for his shopping girlfriend. Not only the men wait so much, an average person waits to 15,000 hours in his life! Waiting for the subway, at the sights or at our salary. There are many examples where we often be too impatient and irritated while we wait. But why do we actually wait, if it irritates us so much?!

The answer is obvious, because it’s worth it! We only realize it too little. Take the men as an example, they can easily run away, but they don’t. They wait faithfully until we come back from the store again. They wait because it makes them feel happy when we are back (with or without new lingerie!) We are also waiting for our bus or subway because we are actually very lucky that someone will drive us back to home.

So, if we want to relax and feel good with ourselves, we must accept that waiting isn’t always so bad. And when you feel you’re getting impatient or irritated again, remember why you are waiting, or perhaps who is waiting for you!


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