A cup of tea solves everything.

Palais des Thés 2The French people are not as crazy as the English people about drinking tea, but it comes close! Drinking tea on the terrace, chatting and relaxing with friends. Parisians love to drink a cup of tea with some sweetness from a local patisserie. For example, strawberry tea with a delicious macaroon.

But many people don’t know that the French were previously familiar with tea than the English. The Dutch VOC ships introduced the tea to France in 1636. Great-Britain was next in 1658. The first French tea lover was Louis XIV. Because of his health, his doctor wrote him a recipe for a special tea. A lady of the court, conceived the idea of drinking tea with milk. Her name was Marquise de la Sablière. By a combination of these two, the tea become a royal drink and was priceless for normal people. Today, it’s impossible to imagine a kitchen without any tea bags!

Tea has become so common to us all, that most of the time it doesn’t matter which flavor we drink. Maybe we are even a little nonchalant and we limit ourselves too much. We have become boring and choose again and again for the same familiar tea flavor. So, it sounds like time for a change!

The solution: Palais des Thés. Before you go, I must warn you! It’s difficult to make a choice and you will probably spend more money than you planned. Lots of unique flavors, teapots, tea gifts, tea treats and accessories. Drinking tea comes back to life! There are five Palais-des-Thés stores located in Paris. The stores have a nice interior and a beautiful design. A little bit tired from all the tea shopping? Relax and enjoy cup of tea at the store.

Address details and more information can be found on the website of Palais des Thés.

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